Colorful Rose Seed

Colorful Rose Seed


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Scientific Classification:
• Genus: Rosa
• Kingdom: Plantae
• (Unranked): Angiosperms
• (Unranked): Eudicots
• (Unranked): Rosids
• Order: Rosales
• Family: Rosaceae
• Subfamily: Rosoideae

Growing Instructions:
• Place seeds in a cool, dry place
• The seed surface is 1-2 times the diameter of the seed
• Cover seeds with preservative films before piercing the films to make several holes. Keep seeds covered during daytime and uncover it at night. Take off the preservative films when the seeds are half-germinated. The plant will be in a state of dormancy in summer and the leaves will turn yellow. Beginners are advised to use sand to cultivate the seeds. Although the seeds will grow slower in the sand, the plants will be the most vigorous in the future. If you tend to use other kind of soil, try to use the kind with good water permeability, for example, clay would not be a good choice. The soil should be disinfected by microwave oven before been used.
• Note: The surface of the soil should not be too dry, which is very important. When watering, all parts of the soil should be wet
• The pot could be 6-8cm in depth and can be an earthen basin or a plastic one
• The volume of the soil should keep a distance of 1-2cm from the rim of the pot


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